Binance India: Learn How to Buy & Sell Crypto with Binance P2P

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Confused about how to start your crypto journey in India?

Binance India brings to you a webinar on how to use the Binance P2P effectively to build your crypto portfolio.

This Saturday (12th June) at 12pm IST, we will walk you through our latest P2P platform. Join in to learn the basics of peer-to-peer trading with Binance!

We bring experts both from Binance and outside Binance who have been in the P2P domain for many years. They will share their experiences and best practices to have the smoothest and safest experience while you venture into your own crypto journey.

We will also be announcing a special BUSD Giveaway campaign for all participants.

00:00 – 00:05 Opening session: introduction (5 min)
00:05 – 00:25 Introduction to Binance app versions & how to trade on P2P (20 min)
00:25 – 00:40 Learn from Our Top Merchants (15 min)
00:40 – 00:55 Q&A (15 min)
00:55 – 01:00 Giveaway Campaign on Binance (5 min)

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– Binance Beginner’s Guide:

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How to Sell Cryptocurrencies on Binance P2P (app) for INR?
How to post a trade advertisement on Binance P2P(app)?

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