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Make Money by Trading

Have you ever wondered how some people can sit in an office for a couple of hours a day and yet make close to $1,000,000 a year? Yes there are lots of people in this world that make a million dollars or more a year by sitting in an office and trading.

Use Chart Patterns to Sky Rocket Your Profits

Many people don’t know that the charts that we stare at day after day actually follow a series of patterns. These patterns are like a book that can be read if you actually know how. The stories that the patterns tell us can at times foretell the future, in essence, if you understand what the chart patterns are trying to tell you, you will be able to know how the market will move.

Day Trading – 5 Ways You Can Make Your Day Trading Software More Pleasing to Your Eye

You have found and subscribed to a day trading package you love. Now you need to spend a few hours running through it and getting it set up so that you find it very difficult to tear yourself away from! Yes, it really does get like that. I know as I go there too.

Day Trading – 5 Suggestions For Using Day Trading Software

It wasn’t so long ago that day traders had to rely on a set of coloured pencils and a piece of paper and mental arithmetic to draw their charts. All that has changed now though.

Day Trading – 5 Things You Should Consider Before You Day Trade

So, you want to become a day trader? That’s great. It surely has to one of the most satisfying, rewarding and time efficient ways to earn a living.

10 Tips For Preparing For a Profitable Trading Day

Every great athlete, musician and professional where the stakes are high, knows that warm up and preparation can make a big difference to performance. Here are 10 tips-trading advice for preparing for your best trading day.

Losing? How to Figure Out Where You Are Going Wrong

One of the most common questions the struggling trader has is “where am I going wrong?”. There can often appear to be such a mind boggling array of variables in trading, that it seems impossible to unravel the primary issues. When you strip away your emotions on the subject and look at your situation with cold hard analysis, there are really only two main variables:

Market Club – A Review of MarketClub

Their has been a lot of talk about Marketclub system. They have been written about in both Kiplingers and Barrons magazines. Marketclub has many videos promoting their product.

How to Ensure You Minimize Risk and Preserve Capital

The first and foremost thing you must think about when trading is to protect your capital and do whatever you can to ensure your risk is minimized to the utmost. If you can think in this frame of mind, rather than one of making money, you stand every chance of being a successful trader.

Some Benefits of Day Trading – And What It’s Worth to You

One of the many benefits of Day trading is that it can be considered in the context of made to order. You can do exactly as you please with your day, and it is your day. Trade from any place you like if you’d rather not visit your office.

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