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Day Trading Futures Contracts – How To Win

Trading is a numbers game. A winning trader knows this, and understands that every trader has winning and losing streaks. But like a casino owner, the good trader tilts the odds in his or her favour. This article describes the essential testing you should do before trading any system.

I Know Why So Many Traders Lose – It’s The Game, Stupid!

Why do traders put up with the uncontrollable, negative stress, mounting losses, and both personal and financial suffering? Several reasons come to mind – innocence (no idea what is going on), arrogance (trading, losing thinking they have all the answers), focused on getting rich quick (the money, rather than learning – learning how to trade stock, in the first place), and addiction – like the Vegas gambler, dangerous business. Whatever. Your are in for a trading wake-up call. Read on…

Forex Day Trading – Why You Are 100% Guaranteed to Lose

Forex day trading and success are a total contradiction in terms – day traders don’t make money. If you want to prove this, just ask anyone selling a day trading system for a real track record – you won’t get one. Why? Let’s take a look.

Day Trading

There was a time when day trading was considered as the forte of the professional stockbrokers and avid stock market followers. With the growing popularity of online broking, now day-to-day trading is no more a specialized area of investment.

Forex Day Trading – a 100% Way to Lose ALL Your Money Quickly

Having been a forex trader for 25 years it amuses me when I see writers defend day trading. They say it really can make money! – Of course they have no track record to back it up just empty words. Fact is you are guaranteed to lose in day trading for one simple reason:

How Long Should I Backtest An Online Daytrading System?

I am frequently asked how long one should backtest a online daytrading system. Though there’s no easy answer, I will provide you with some guidelines. There are a few factors that you need to consider when determining the period for backtesting your online daytrading system:

Forex Day Trading – The Best Way To Lose Your Money In Forex

As an experienced trader I find all the day trading courses and their ridiculous claims amusing – none of them make money, but many forex traders take them seriously, trade them and lose. So why can’t you win at day trading? The answer is:

Forex Lies And Myths Revealed – Are You Being Locked Out Of Successful Forex Daytrading?

Forex myths can rob you of profits but once you discover what’s real and what’s fiction you will be ahead of 95% of other forex daytraders out there. Learn from a professional who has made over $250,000 speculating on the markets.

Penny Stock Day Trading – An Opportunity of a Lifetime or a Risky Investment

Penny stocks are the right kind of investment for inexperienced investors.

The Ins and Outs of Day Trading

Seasoned daytrading professional, tells you in this article about the ins and outs of Day Trading, and whether you are ready for the reckoning. Read on!!!

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