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The Basics of Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a style of analyzing a stock based on how fundamentally sound the stock’s business is. Instead of judging by charts and graphs, aka. Technical analysis, fundamental analysis focuses on the intrinsic value of the company.

The Essentials of Day Trading

Day trading is the science and art of profiting from buying and selling stocks in the same day. Critics of day trading often consider day trading risky, and some even go as far as to call it gambling.

How To Be a Day Trader – Trading Stocks Online For a Living

Its a well known fact that most, about 80%, of all day traders struggle to beat the market or even make a profit trading stocks. There are many, many different types of trading techniques that are taught and talked about. Most day trading techniques involve studying stock chart patterns, setting up preset times to sell and times to buy a certain stock.

Why Day Trading is Not a Risky Investment?

Day trading is the buying and selling of stocks within a single day. Such maneuvers are done usually at minor intervals. In this article, you will learn why day trading is not as risky as believed in common parlance.

Day Trading – 5 Things You Must Avoid

Day trading can really be a great money making opportunity, especially if you have the resources to spare. All updates are posted in real time online and the trading floor is constantly active that it is truly impossible for you not to be in the loop, unless, you do it deliberately!

The Market Will Tell You Where It’s Going

For all the focus most traders give to indicators, trading systems, and the like, they give too little attention to what the market is really doing. This will change the way you look at price action and could very well radically alter your approach to trading.


We have all heard of corporate mergers and we have sure seen enough of them in the past couple of decades, but what do you call it when non-governmental regulatory agencies merge? Well it has happened and now it is time for all financial companies that were being regulated by either and/or both to change their stationary. An opportunity awaits the printing industry.

The Truth About Managed Forex Accounts

After spending some time reading various public forums, it is clear that there is a lot of demand from investors to diversify away from the traditional mutual funds into managed forex. Some people just seek high returns on their money through someone else’s forex trading. Unfortunately, the truth is the vast majority of managed accounts are negative after 12 months, many even receiving margin calls before the 12 months are up.

Five Steps To Trading For A Living

People regularly ask me how I was able to quit my job to become a full-time forex trader from home. This article contains the five practical steps that I had to take, and will serve as practical advice to anyone that would like to trade for a living.

Abundance In Trading!

Share trading is not all about making money. Money is just the end result, what you attain from share trading.

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