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A Simple and Effective Bollinger Band Technique

A number of complicated Bollinger band techniques exist and these have been proven to be very reliable. Often these slightly more advanced strategies involve using Bollinger bands in conjunction with other indicators, but the average trader does not have to resort to these methods in order to glean some useful information on future market direction.

Forex Demo Account – The Best Way to Start Trading Forex

Most Forex brokers would allow their customers to experience what forex trading is like by offering them to play with fake money on Forex demo accounts. Try it before you start trading with real money.

Know Yourself and Your Fellow Investors

We review certain aspects of individual and market behavior that are commonly observed in the stock markets. This will help you understand how and why people act in the manner that they do when they enter into stock market transactions. This knowledge will help you to understand not only your own behavior but also give you a deeper insight into the causes and motivations behind the behavior of your fellow investors.

Stock Day Trading – Combining System Trading & Discretionary Trading Into a More Effective Approach

New and experienced stock day traders alike grapple with an all important question: Which method is the best approach to stock day trading, a system approach or a discretionary approach? While each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, the correct answer may, in fact, be a combination of the two approaches. System trading means creating a strict set of objective and mechanical rules for identifying if a trade opportunity exists, when should you enter the trade, and how do you exit the trade.

How Open Outcry Trading Works

How does the Open Outcry system of trading work? What are some of the exchanges that utilize this type of trading?

Stocks Day Trading Using Day Type Price Patterns

If you have ever day traded stocks then most likely there have been times when you received a day trading signal from your system to go long a stock at the same time that the market indices (i.e., S&P, Dow, and Nasdaq) were solidly trending down. Or maybe, your system produced a short signal on a stock when the overall stock market was in a runaway uptrend. For most day traders, taking trades against the currents of the market indices leaves an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.

Five Things You Must Know to Make Money Day Trading Stocks

Making money by day trading stocks is not as difficult as one may think. Yes, there is an abundance of statistics commonly thrown around essentially stating that 90% of all day traders eventually fail. But, that also means 10% of day traders are successful.

Technical Analysis Course

I want to write about the things that you need to look out for when you are looking at a technical analysis course. Trading from a technical view is becoming more popular in trading and therefore so has the demand for courses.

Trading Psychology – Improve Your Trading With a Daily Mission

Have you been ignoring trading psychology in your trading? Most traders do, until it is too late. Here is a simple practice you can immediately use and bring trading psychology into your trading.

Fibonacci Trading – An Advanced Fibonacci Analysis Strategy

Fibonacci Trading describes the use of Fibonacci retracements and extensions, a fantastic way to gather accurate data on crucial resistance and support lines. Since their introduction into the world of trading, Fibonacci retracements and extensions have proven to be immensely dependable and reliable and this is why they are often deemed priceless by traders.

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