Beurax Withdrawal Proof and Investment Strategy

3/8/2021 UPDATE: STAY AWAY FROM BEURAX. I believe they exit scammed us.
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3/1/2021 UPDATE! BEFORE you jump in… as of today I recommend to HOLD on new deposits into Beurax.

My withdrawal from Friday was declined and returned to my wallet.
and we can’t currently make withdrawal requests.

I have confirmation from a few others that have been in this company for 4-6 months that they haven’t seen this before, and it’s the same experience for them.

I’ll keep you posted. The above is why I focus on my main 2 plays:
1 – Ethereum Team Build (100% decentralized, your crypto stays in YOUR wallet) Pays HUGE returns in CRYPTO… but also requires referring others, marketing, and then we also build directly below you.

2 – Fiat trading bot. (100% passive / automated, and your fiat currency stays in YOUR broker account) Pays 0.5 – 3.0%/day.

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Beurax Withdrawal Proof… and I also cover my Beurax Investment Strategy.

You can see what I am doing with my Beurax deposits, learn how to invest into Beurax, and how to maximize your Beurax crypto.

How to join Beurax:

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It’s easy when you know how to attract business opportunity seekers already interested in generating cryptocurrency who already understand the risks.

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Remember to be safe and don’t risk anything you couldn’t afford to lose. Putting a Beurax deposit in should be considered high risk / high reward.
(and I’m really happy with the results so far)

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I hope you enjoyed my Beurax Withdrawal Proof and Investment Strategy video. Be sure to understand the risks when putting your money into the Beurax trading bot, or any other high risk high yield program.

10 Mistakes All Traders Make

Trading is not easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult endeavors anyone can take on. Whether you have been trading for 6 months or 30 years, bad habits have a tendency to creep up. While there are many ways to lose money in the markets, there are 10 common mistakes that every trader, new or experienced, makes over and over again. When you can identify the mistakes, you give yourself a leg up in making sure they don’t affect you.

Collars, Straddles and Strangles – Risk Management Strategies

A collar trade occurs when you combine a hard stop tactic or a synthetic call or put tactic with the selling of an option. This is a way for you to get the market to pay for your option that you are using as an insurance tool. For smaller accounts, this is a way to offset the cost yet still relish in the protection.

Examples of Why Hedging Can Be Important

The rules and regulations governing futures, developed by the CFTC, occurred over time. Several scandals along the way have hurt speculators tremendously. These events happened behind the scenes and were discovered only after much of the damage had already been done.

Rules for Money Management

It is said that the game of golf is not played on the green but between your two ears. The same can be said of trading. Your mind-set and the preparation of your mind are all important. You must be focused on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a situation in order to formulate your course of action. While it is not easy, it is simple.

Strike Price, Premium, and Synthetic Options

When you purchase an option, you must decide whether you are going to purchase an in-the-money, at-the-money, or out-of-the-money option. Depending on which option you purchase, you will pay either an expensive or a low-cost price for your premium. The price that is paid for the option premium plays a significant role in how successful an option can be in the long run.

The Elegance of a Synthetic Option

A standard option has one risk management objective, to limit loss to the premium paid. That’s it. It is not designed to follow the market’s rhythm or flow. When you are wrong, your trade ends. For a synthetic option, things are not quite the same. Being wrong is just the beginning of something great.

Pros and Cons of Day Traders

There is nothing more important to a day trader than being flat the market at the end of the day. No matter the circumstances (win, lose, or draw), making sure that no capital is at risk of being exposed to overnight market gaps defines what day traders are all about. This attitude is both good and bad. The good is that it keeps traders focused on their activities, making sure they take no opportunity for granted as well as teaching them the discipline to exit losing trades quickly and efficiently. The bad is that many winning market decisions are cut off at the knees.

Using Options As a Primary Alternative

When a swing trader uses an option as a primary alternative to a stop loss, the intent is to reduce or diminish any exposure to loss while at the same time staying one step ahead of the market. This is directly tied into the money management plan that is already in place. Large money managers will have in place a standing risk of loss that can’t exceed 2 percent of their account value, while individual traders may be more liberal, allowing as much as 5 to 10 percent of their accounts to be at risk at any given time.

Options: An Alternative to the Stop

There is no other way to say it. There is no other way to look at it. No matter how clever you are at placing a stop loss, if it is triggered that simply means that you are on the losing side of the market. This can be frustrating, particularly when swing traders thrive on the exact type of market scenarios that stops are weak in.

Getting the Right Options for the Job

Understanding option selection, having an idea about delta, and being able to calculate the savings, values, and gains of the various options form the essential foundation needed to utilize any of the ideas presented here. By beginning with straddles and strangles you are able to play around with using puts and calls as a risk management strategy without feeling like you are betting the farm. It is important that you have a grasp of choosing the right options to work in tandem with your spot, futures, or margined position.

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