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3 Simple Methods for Exiting Your Trading Position With Maximum Profits

What’s the most profitable way to exit a trading positions? Scale out, trail your stop, or scalp? In this article we take a look at 3 simple methods for exiting your trading position with the maximum profit.

All You Need To Know About Instant FX Profits

Instant FX Profits is a recorded version of a Forex training workshop conducted by Kishore M in Singapore. The workshop comprises of seven modules, covering from the basics of Forex trading, such as introduction to currencies and money management principles to the more technical aspects, including technical indicators and trading strategies.

Tips on Choosing the Best Binary Options Broker

The world of finance and trading is fast paced and can be very confusing to the untrained person. Whilst trading in Binary Options is one of the simplest methods it can still be confusing if you don’t understand what you are doing. One way of getting round this is to choose a good broker who can help you through the process.

The Breakout Trade (Part II) – Limited Knowledge

The breakout trade is one of the most important techniques for the new day trader to master. This article considers some of the problems a day trader faces in identifying a potential trade based upon limited (imperfect) knowledge.

Understanding the Depth of the Trading Challenge

Traders most often fail because they are seduced by the simplicity of the trading proposition and consumed by the Arcade environment (order management systems & supporting charting applications and tools) before they develop understanding for the work that needs to be done, why they need to do it, and how best to support their efforts. The volume and rate of information driving price movement results in highly inconsistent market behavior requiring a fundamental decision-making process that keeps things simple. Successful traders have learned how to become certain of market state, confident in their strategy, and…

The Truth About Your Trading Experiences

A major key to success as a Trader and Investor lies in your mind. Actually, it lies in your ability to use your mind optimally and creatively.

Taking Charge of Your Trading

I came across an article someone had written not too long ago that basically said that it is impossible to make money Day Trading. I felt bad for this person because for him he is telling the truth.

5 Benefits Of Long Term Trading

Together short period and extended term trading can be productive trading plans yet; long duration trading has many significant benefits. These comprise the result of compounding, the chance to gain from dividends, decrease of the effect of price variations, the power to make adjustments in a more timely manner; less time spent watching stocks.

Exposing a Trader’s Blind Spot – The Most Overlooked and Critical Aspect of Trading

Traders know that position sizing is important, but because it requires some math calculations and some extra effort many traders simply use a fixed trade quantity for all trades. Why position sizing is so vital is summed up by Perry J. Kaufman in his book, New Trading Systems and Methods; “A trading system alone will not insure success without proper risk control beginning with individual trades… therefore the size of the position, the markets to trade, and when to increase or decrease leverage becomes important for financial survival.” As Mr. Kaufman points out, risk management via proper position sizing done on a trade by trade basis is vital to your trading account survival.

The Breakout Trade (Part I) – The Trend

The breakout trade is one of the most important techniques for a beginning trader to master. Here we discuss the logic behind the trade setup.

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