A Storm is Coming (and it’s NOT inflation)

A storm is coming (and it’s not inflation). The main narrative we hear in the financial media is that “inflation” is coming and that it is the biggest threat facing us now. But is this true? There are now 3 key charts – bonds, the US dollar and gold – which seems to suggest a different perspective. It is looking more likely that deflation could be a bigger threat than inflation. We look at the charts and explain. #gold #inflation #AlessioRastani

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Day Trading – What Defines a Successful Day Trader

Obviously, the first thing that makes them common is profit. People with larger risk capital are likely to be more successful than those who have smaller capital. Why? Because a large capital gives them more freedom from the emotional burden of losing. If someone is fearful of losing “all the money” he has, his decisions might be crippled and he might find it hard to trade more freely.

Day Trading Tutorials – How Can They Be Helpful?

Day traders are gamblers in their own right. They play along with their aces even though they are not so sure if the outcome of the game will be noted as positive. They simply put their own money at stake and wait for any further results. The sad thing with the day traders is that they get along with the trip even in the absence of their skills and merely trust on their lucky stars. That is why, the common end result for them is to suffer from failure in their endeavors. In order for you to have a different fate, you need to read some day trading tutorials.

Components of Day Trading Training

Courses and seminars. These are usually the foundation for preparing oneself for the market. Just like tertiary level education, day trading courses and seminars aim to supply the necessary knowledge, training and skills. Trading is a lonely business and there are no bosses to guide you on what you should do or co-workers to whom you could copy a technique or two. In short, without the proper augmentation of day trading courses and seminars, you would have to find things on your own.

Common Fatal Mistakes in Day Trading – Part 2

The majority of traders acknowledge the need for certainty. They always want to be sure that they are entering a winning trade. Theoretically, everyone can profit from any trade. The difference lies on “when” they decide to enter. Some people wait too long, some impulsively gets in too early. There should be a good mixture of timing and necessary indicators to help you spot the trade that will give you the money.

Common Fatal Mistakes in Day Trading – Part 1

Each trader has a risk capital but sometimes the trade calls for them to go overboard and use the money that they do not have, they are afraid to lose or simply the money that should not be used in the trade. These include money for college tuition, bills and payments that were allocated to some other uses beforehand. Day trading is such a tricky business that if someone is not careful enough, he might end up in a ditch wondering where he could borrow some money to continue the trade or how he could make up for the money he lost. There are two main objectives in this trade- to be able to trade for another day and profit from the trades you make for today.

Can You Actually Earn By Day Trading?

This is a common question to those who have no idea what day trading is, or those who may have heard of the topic but have not actually tried it. Experts and those who have actually benefited from this type of business are sure to answer in the affirmative, while those who have suffered losses are quick to say no. So in order to arrive at a sensible answer, we need to understand how it works and how traders can profit from it.

A Crash Course to the Basics of Day Trading

The human race has gotten familiar with the idea of trading since time immemorial. It has been the people’s outlet for survival, prosperity and progress, and for the exchange of their feelings, ideals, and experiences too. With a little back up of history, it can be traced back to when some of the primeval groups started swapping certain useful items with one another in the absence of money so that they could fulfill their daily provisions. Nonetheless, trading is an integral part of man’s life. It transcends race, religion, and sex as it is a common thing for all throughout the world. In this article, you will get a full blast of the information regarding the types of day trading and its pros and cons.

Why Money Management Is Vital To Futures Trading Success

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Yet! Success as a futures trader is dependent on your ability to master technique, psychology and money management. Life as a trader can be phenomenally successful, but it can be equally risky, particularly while you’re learning to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

The Joy Of Trading!

Lee Iacocca, best known for his revival of the Chrysler Corporation in the 1980s, once said, “In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.” As a trader, you know that there are good days and bad days in the market.

What Trading Cannot And Will Not Do For You

Trading is often portrayed as a glamorous career. While it does provide the opportunity for an amazing lifestyle, the reality is that many traders had to go through a lot blood, sweat, and tears to get it.

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