A Short Story of UNISWAP and UNI Token. DEFI Explained

So what’s the story behind Uniswap – one of the most important protocols in DeFi? And why was the UNI token probably one of the best-distributed tokens ever? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video.

Uniswap is clearly one of the most important and the most discussed projects in the defi space. At its core, Uniswap is a protocol for decentralized exchange of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The Uniswap protocol is deployed as a set of smart contracts and it’s completely decentralized, permissionless and censorship-resistant.

Uniswap is built on the concept of liquidity pools and automated market makers or, to be precise, a constant product market maker. If you’d like to learn more about the mechanics of the protocol, check out my video on liquidity pools which uses Uniswap as an example.
You can watch it here ► https://youtu.be/cizLhxSKrAc

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