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Avoiding Taxes on Your Trading Proftis

How would you like to make $100,000 trading forex this year… and then have the government take $53,000 of that in taxes? With the current U.S. capital gains tax rate as high as 39.6%, and with additional State capital gains rates up to 13% (California, of course), it could happen. I don’t know about you, but no way am I willing to give up over half of my hard-earned trading profits to the government (who didn’t help me earn one dime of them). Personally, I don’t think there should even BE a capital gains tax. (There’s not one in Singapore, which explains why so many millionaires/billionaires, like Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, have renounced their U.S. citizenship and moved there.) But unless you’re planning to move to Singapore by Christmas, you’d better have a good plan in place for minimizing your tax bill. And a basic part of that plan should be forming a corporation or other business entity to do your trading through.

Learn to Trade or Follow Trading Room Calls?

I’ve been at this business of trading for almost 30 years now, and the business has gone through some tremendous changes in that period. The biggest change is, without a doubt, the influence of the internet and the establishment of e-mini trading rooms.

4 Ways To Participate In The Crude Oil Trading Business

In this piece, I want to reveal to you 4 ways you can possibly participate in the oil trading business. Relax and enjoy yourself as you read and understand the following 4 ways to get involved in the highly lucrative online crude oil trading business.

Become a Successful 4X Trader

It sounds so seductive. Be your own boss. Work anywhere at any time. Unlimited income potential and a relatively short instruction period. Minimum capital requirements. No wonder so many people have tried to become day traders.

Which Forex Brokers Should We Use?

In this Forex training article we discuss the importance of choosing the correct broker at the very beginning. If this is not done, the trader’s account and time could become very scarce.

Day Trading Training Secrets You Must Know

This article discusses about the trading secrets and importance of day trading training, so that you can earn profits and take your business to new heights. So, when something happens in your market area, you can understand and interpret the data to get a profitable trading position.

E-Mini Trading: Hang On To Your Stops

There have been times in my trading when I was absolutely convinced that the trade I had initiated was perfect. Unfortunately, in e-mini trading there is no perfect trade. To compensate for a trade gone awry, prudent traders use stops to protect them against catastrophic loss.

MONEY MANAGEMENT 101: Your Emotion Is Your Enemy

Fact: Most traders go broke within a year of subjecting their life savings to their flippant trading actions. The biggest nemesis for traders is their own emotion influencing undisciplined trading action. In order to be successful at this business, one has to check their emotions at the door: easier said than done.

How to Get Success by Using Intraday Tips in Day Trading

It is important to find a reliable intraday tips provider that can help you minimize the risks that you have to take. You will need a reliable tips provider who can give you all the solutions then here you will get useful information about Intraday Tips.

Trading the Markets Successfully: The Real Secret

Trading the markets successfully is EASY once you understand the process of successful trading. There are PRINCIPLES of trading that you must understand and master before you will ever become consistently successful. I know because I have been on the trading journey for over thirty years.

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