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Crypto Evolution talks about the newest news about the crypto market or in general about investing. The most important thing is to talk about the cryptos which will grow large. Ten Baggers which will make you rich.

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This is purely educational content. I am sharing my moves in the market not to tell you what to buy/sell, but showing viewers how I think through investing. My risk tolerance is very different from yours. Do all your own research and due diligence before making any moves in the stock market.

The goal of my content is to make you a self sufficient investor. I show my thought processes and decisions to help you see into the mind of my decisions.



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Useful Tips on Option Trading

Can options trading be a gamble? Often it is for certain people who get the same level of excitement and adrenalin rush from the speculative market as in the case of any gamble. Sadly these people tend to lose more than they make due to their lack of knowledge of option strategies.

Common Questions About ETFs

This article help answer common and simple frequently asked questions about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are complex yet simple to understand. Don’t be afraid to get educated on how they work. 28% of the activity on the NYSE flow through ETFs.

How to Get Started in Day Trading in the New Obama Era

Day trading can be very profitable once a trader knows what he or she is doing. However the flip side to the scenario is that it can also be a risky proposition if proper management techniques and knowledge is not applied.

Technical Analysis and Day Trading For Indian Stocks Traded on BSE, NSE and Indices Nifty and Sensex

Importance of technical analysis in volatile stock market. Importance of technical calls over stock tips. Calculated risk of trading in equities. Controlled losses are better than uncontrolled melt down.

How to Trade the NYSE Ticks

The NYSE Ticks are data used to illustrate the relationship between the aggregate number of rising stocks vs the number of falling stocks. This data, when filtered, can give you some of the best trading info from which to initiate buys and sells.

Trading Psychology – 2 Tips on Keeping Your Patience While Trading

Do you find yourself jumping in and out of the market, chasing trades, and taking too many unplanned traded? Patience is a virtue in trading. Read this article to learn two important tips on how to keep it.

Guide to Strong Investment – The Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stocks and Commodities

Problems on low investment returns can be solved with the help of the Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stocks and Commodities. We sweat out for money everyday. Everyone desires to climb up the ladder of success someday. To ease one’s mind of the many possibilities associated with job loss is a goal we all want to achieve.

Day Trading With the Stochastic Indicator

The venerable stochastic indicator has been around since the 1950’s, but it’s popularity seems to grow with each passing year. Have a look at a true momentum indicator, the stochastic indicator.

How Can Powerup Capital Be a Cheat When They Offer Nothing But Financial Education?

When I first started out looking for forex classes, I asked myself, “Is Powerup Capital a scam?” Then when I dug deeper, I realized that Powerup Capital is a company that offers financial education rather than selling funds or asking us to invest in a forex fund.

End of Day Trading System That Can Make You Money in 30 Minutes Each Day

This End of Day Trading System is meant for those having office jobs and not much time to do trading. In this End of Day Trading System trades are only entered once per day at the end of NY Session and then left to work for themselves out for the next 24 hours.

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