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3 ALTCOINS 10000X IN JUNE – 3 ALTCOINS JUNE – TOP 3 ALTCOINS – How to get rich with crypto – bitcoin

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Fear and Greed Vs Panic

I’ve spent some time analyzing the option data governed by the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA). Finally, I can track open interest on index options as well as volume. I was interested to find out which component was more important; volume or, open interest.

Mini Forex Trading – Learn the Tricks and Skills Needed to Succeed on Forex Trading

Mini Forex Trading for instance is specially designed for people who are just recently engaging to currency trading. Mini forex trading is designed to allow investors to experience forex trading with minimal capital risk of loss. Traders are not limited to only trading one lot at a time, so these accounts are ideal for increasing exposure as trading confidence builds.

Corn – Lost in the Confusion

Amid the roar of the financial chaos and their ability to affect, seemingly every market, one sector has been quietly building a base and should be renewing buying interest. Remember back in late May and June during the wettest spring ever when the concerns of crop planting were making the local news? The ensuing run up in grain prices soon had everyone beating the drum of ethanol’s demand on corn prices and the cost of bread, chips and cereal.

Spread Trading Gold Vs Platinum

Many customers have been asking spread strategy questions and last week’s action in the gold and platinum markets provides us with a wonderful opportunity to have this discussion. Take a look at the attached chart.

Day Trading Advice For Newbies

If you are a newbie day trader then you are probably eager to receive some day trading advice. Well, one important thing that you should know is that it is a fact that not every one who will be involved in day trading will become successful. As in any form of business, there are winners and losers in day trading. You will probably be interested to know what is the difference between a winning day trader and a losing day trader. The answer is simple. It is their attitude. So one very sound day trading advice is to check your attitude.

Day Trading For a Living – Is it For You?

If you are looking for an interesting and relatively easy way of earning lots of money for a short period of time, then you should consider day trading for a living. All you need to become a successful day trader is a working knowledge of the stock market, a bit of strategy and lots of common sense. Of course, a winning attitude will also help a lot.

The Epitome of Fair Trade

How many times have you bought the high or, sold the low on a stop or market order? My guess is that it’s happened to you far more often than you’ve been able to buy the low or, sell the high. In the past, the reason for this has been the manual execution of orders in the open outcry markets on the trading floors of the various exchanges.

Australian Dollar’s Plunge

As we have seen the commodity markets fall, we have been forced to ask the question, “Is this the end of the commodity bull market or, one more decline in a multi-year trend?” The opposing forces of global inflation and waning demand have led to a considerable state of flux.

Crude Fundamentals Failing

The fundamentals in crude oil have continued to erode since February of this year. The highs, over the last $40, can be viewed as a “bubble.”

Japanese Candlesticks and Emini Charting – A Possibility in Winning Trades

The popularity of futures trading has increased with the introduction of the smaller emini futures contracts the past few years since the smaller contract allows for smaller margin requirements, with $5000 or less in trading capital often being the only requirement. Popular contracts like the S & P 500 and the NASDAQ emini futures contracts have been around for sometime and with the introduction of the DOW emini futures contract, futures trading popularity has grown even more.

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