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Contract Considerations For Day Trading the ES Emini

The ES emini is a widely popular trading instrument on the CME Globex exchange. This contract needs to be fully understand, and I explain the monetary and trading basis for the contract. Finally we take a look at the margin requirement.

More on Emotional Considerations in Your Day Trading

You have a responsibility to be prepared mentally each day you choose to day trade. Many traders shun the emotional realities of trading, and this aspect of trading is among the most important. Recent findings in scientific studies reveal, unequivocally, that a traders emotional state during a trading session may be the single most important factor in determining whether a trader has a successful day or loses money.

Use Candlestick Patterns to Identify Trend Reversals in Price Action!

There are many candlestick patterns that are used by traders to trend changes in a security price. The most popular candlestick trend reversal pattern is the Hammer. First if you don’t know anything about candlesticks, a candle is formed with the high, low, opening and closing price of a security. Candlesticks have much in common with the bar charts but they have many things different too as well.

Breaking the Habit in Trading

What are some of the common trading errors that we all seem to have had, or for some of us, are still having? Where do errors come from? How do they occur? Well, we all have habits, and habits tend to occur because of repetition. Think about anything you do in life. Most of the time it’s a result of conditioning yourself through repetition.

Day Trading Software – Pros and Cons

There are three main types of day trading software available. The first one specializes on data. It is about stock prices, currencies, and futures to be engaged in trading.

Do You Have Firm Control on Emotional Factors Which Effect Your Trading?

Many day traders fail to realize they may be their own worse enemy when trading. The handling of your emotions, or trading psychology, is of paramount importance when trading. We take a look at several emotional considerations in this article.

Trading Psychology – 2 Tips to Deal With Boredom in Trading

Do you find flat, dull markets boring? Do you get distracted in this kind of market environment? Even worse, do you take “boredom trades” and chop yourself up? Here is an article explaining what really happens with boredom and how to address it.

Trading Options Successfully

Trading options is a profitable enterprise. This can give you a huge sum of money if it is done skilfully. Stock options trading is preferred by many investors as this involves lesser risk compared to futures trading or stocks trading.

Black Jack, Anyone?

As a trading coach, I spend a lot of time sitting down with traders going through every aspect of their trading to identify areas to help them. The first part of my analysis is to get a back ground and determine where they are on the educational curve.

The Basics of Gold Exchange Traded Funds

Gold Exchange Traded Funds (GETFs) track the price of gold. All major stock exchanges including Paris, New York, Zurich, Mumbai, and London trade GETF’s. Gold ETFs held 1,750 tons of gold as of October 2009.

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