Що таке Chiliz & Socios? Що таке фан-токени?

📆 23 червня о 15:00 (Київ) на YouTube каналі Binance відбудеться навчальний вебінар про Chiliz (CHZ)

📃 Тема вебінару: «Фан токени футбольних та кіберспортивних клубів. Новий тренд криптовалютної індустрії»

🌶 У нас у гостях представники команди Chiliz & Socios — проєктів, які зробили можливим наявність фан-токенів Barcelona, Navi, Juventus та інших спортивних клубів.

📝 Відправляйте заздалегіть свої питання через Google форму (https://forms.gle/bXVTtBhAw3gEkwm46) та приймайте участь у розіграші! Авторам 3 найкращих питань ми подаруємо по 50 CHZ!

How to Get Involved in Momentum Trading

The momentum trader jumps on and rides the momentum of the stock train until a profit is reached. The trader sells his stock and looks for the next momentum trading opportunity. It can be quite the roller coaster ride.

Should You Invest in Futures Trading?

In futures trading you are speculating about whether the price of a commodity will rise or fall. For example, let’s say that you decided to speculate on hogs. If you thought that hog prices would be rising in the future you would purchase a hog futures contract.

Fiddling With Hedge Funds

These are highly nervous days for hedge funds. The days of investing profitably with these seem to be over. The old tactics of these funds do not seem to work any more. There might be a need for these funds to reinvent themselves.

Commodity Trading Involves High Risk With High Reward

Commodity trading is the buying and selling of contracts of items that we use everyday. It is the trading of primary or raw products. Some of the items traded in the commodities market include such common, everyday items as: soy beans, cotton, orange juice, cocoa, sugar, wheat, corn, barley, pork bellies, milk, feedstuffs, fruits, vegetables, other grains, other beans, hay, other livestock, meats, poultry, and eggs.

How Does Day Trading Work?

Day Trading is the name given to buying and selling stocks and shares (and forex) during a trading day. The trades (or positions) are usually opened and closed within the same trading day, sometimes even in minutes.

Swing Trading For Beginners

If you are new to trading stocks then you might want to consider becoming a swing trader. A swing trader is nearly the polar opposite of a day trader.

What Are the Different Ways of Investing Money With Currency Trading?

When looking to gain some profit in the foreign exchange market, one should get himself armed with the different ways of investing money with currency trading. There are a lot of ways to move around the ever-liquid forex market and here are some of them: Practice makes perfect too, in forex Like the athletes or performers who exert much effort in practicing to perfect their crafts, a forex investor should also start learning his way through by practicing actual trading at a minimum level first. There are online forex systems now that can help.

Online Investing – Invest in Foreign Currency Now!

The Foreign Exchange, simply known as Forex, market is reportedly the biggest and most liquid market of all financial markets the world over. Banks, governments, multinational corporations, currency speculators, central banks, individual traders, and all other financial markets and institutions trade in the Forex market, also referred to as the currency market because foreign currencies are what’s traded in this kind of market. These days, more and more people are choosing online investing as opposed to the traditional type of investing method, and this article will tell you why.

Investing Money in Currency Trading Via the Internet

In the past, only the bigwigs in the business arena, central banks, and the larger banks in a country are the ones dominating the forex market. When the Internet came into the picture, the forex market has become much more accessible to individuals, who are interested in investing money in currency trading. The Internet has truly changed the foreign exchange market totally.

Investing 101 – Invest in Forex Currency Trading Now!

If you are just beginning to learn your way around the foreign exchange market, you must still be out researching for anything that says “Investing 101” so you can settle on a stable ground as you feel your way through the business. A simple scenario to explain how currency value fluctuates is through a tourist. This tourist who may have US dollars in his pocket and is on a business trip in Europe, will have to convert his dollars to the Euro if he would be there for some time.

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