«Использование Rarible Protocol» – сессия с Rarible

Воркшоп с Александром Сальниковым, сооснователем и главой по продукту в Rarible.

Rarible — NFT-маркетплейс, который дает возможность пользователям выставлять на продажу любой цифровой контент и ликвидную интеллектуальную собственность, лицензируя сделки через NFT-токены.

Rarible: https://rarible.com/

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The Best Time-Frames to Use For Day Trading Charts

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Trade on a higher time frame. There is noise in market prices. The lower the time frame, the more noise that exists. Noise to me is similar to uncertainty. More uncertainty leads to more stress.

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These orders are beneficial for a simple reason that you do not miss out on any opportunity as an offer is available only for a specific time and when you are ready to purchase it, the price has usually increased. However in case of an at market order, you might end up paying too high or too low.

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